The 10 best cash advance apps

Dave is the most popular loan app for budgeting, cash advance, and other similar functions. Some may offer personal loans to meet larger cash needs.

Get Advance Cash with the Best Apps like Dave (August 2021)

All of the apps in this article are available on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Dave is one of the best cash advance apps you can use in an emergency.

How do Cash Advance Apps work?

Payday advances do not qualify as loans. Payday advances are not loans.

Dave is a leader within this market. Dave is a leader in this market.

Dave: The Best Cash Advance Programs

1. Brigit

Brigit is a popular cash advance app that offers small payday advances of up to $250. It does offer account monitoring that is free and includes budgeting tools to help you analyze your earnings and your spending habits.

Brigit has relationships with over 15,000 US banks and financial institutions, including Bank of America. This prevents overdraft fees.

Brigit provides both extensions and early repayment options. Brigit claims that it does not share any personal data with third parties.

  • Up to $250 Paycheck Advances
  • Free account monitoring
  • Budgeting tools
  • helps prevent overdraft charges
  • The Monthly Membership Fees are High

2. Earnin

Earnin, formerly known as ActivHours, is an excellent alternative to Dave. The app does not require that you pay a recurring charge. However, you can tip the app up to $100 per day if you have earned it. But no more than $500 per month.

Earnin has additional features like Balance Shield Alarms that alert you if your account balance falls below a certain threshold. Earnin can also deposit $100 automatically to your bank account.

Earnin is not without its merits. Your employer must have a time-tracking or physical workplace. A direct deposit of at least half of your paycheck must be made to your savings or checking account.

  • Get up to $100 per day on your Payroll Advances
  • Supports tipping over fees
  • Alerts regarding account balance
  • Must maintain a regular income
  • Employers must own a physical workplace

3. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is a mobile banking app that does everything. MoneyLion, a mobile banking app, is all-in-one.

MoneyLion does not require a minimum balance. There are no fees for international transfers, standard transfers, card replacements, or mobile check deposits.

You can transfer money from your savings account into exchange-traded funds. The subscription is $1.99 per month. You can borrow up to $1,000 with the ‘Credit Builder Plus” membership.

  • All-in-one Banking App
  • No minimum balance required
  • You may borrow up to $250 from the next paycheck
  • Monthly fee of $1
  • Subscription Tiers starting at $20

4. Branch

Branch is a popular cash advance app that offers personal loans in nearly all countries. Standard advances to the bank account are processed in three business days.

The branch app offers many useful features, but it doesn’t offer cash advances.

Branch is available in the USA as well as India, Kenya, and Nigeria. This app will allow you to track your finances and monitor your credit.

  • Cash Advance up to $150 Per Day
  • Standard transfers are free
  • Cash advances loans are subject to strict conditions
  • Interest rates in some markets can reach 360%

5. Even

Even another cash advance app similar to Dave allows you to be paid on-demand by thousands of employers who have partnered with it. It costs $8 per month. There is no interest. But some employers will help you with the budget from your paycheck to your paycheck. You will also receive notifications about your bill payments and how much you have paid.

Some employers may not be able to use Even. InstaPay deposits cash in your account within one day. Only wages that you have earned can be accessed using the Even app.

  • Quick Access to Earned Wages
  • no interest cash advance
  • More Than 18,000 partner banks
  • An $8 membership fee is charged

6. Empower

Empower, another popular app offers cash advances with no interest up to $250.

Another noteworthy function is the Early Paycheck Debit, which allows users access to their paychecks up until two days before they are due. Customers can also receive a 10% cash back for purchases made at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants that meet specific criteria.

The Empower App can help you budget and limit spending. Monthly reports will show how much you spend on each category.

  • Cash advances with interest-free up to $250
  • Receive your paycheck up to two days before the due date
  • offers budgeting features
  • no credit checks
  • $8 per month membership fee

7. Axos Bank

Two-factor authentication (2FA), fingerprint or Touch ID for Apple devices, and account monitoring are just a few security features. Axos Bank does not require a minimum account balance. However, you must have at least $50 to open an account.

  • You can access your paycheck up until two days before the due date
  • All transactions are eligible for a 1% cashback
  • No monthly or overdraft fees
  • Increased security to prevent fraud
  • You must have at least $50 to open an account

8. DailyPay

DailyPay follows. This app allows you to access your earnings before your next payday. DailyPay lets you transfer your earnings directly into your bank account or debit card.

DailyPay deposits money in the bank and then takes out the cash from your paycheck. The charge is $2.99 per use.

DailyPay employs 256-bit encryption. DailyPay uses 256-bit encryption.

  • No transfer earnings yet to receive immediate cashback.
  • 256-bit level encryption
  • Monthly fee of $2.99
  • Employer support is required

9. Chime

Chime, another app that offers Earned Wage Access, works the same as Even and DailyPay. It allows you access to your salary up until two days before the scheduled payment due date.

Send money to friends, family, and roommates with the Chime app. ATM withdrawal fees will apply to ATMs that are not in your network.

  • Free-of-charge
  • Access your paycheck two days before the due date
  • Increase your account balance up to $200
  • Amazing money-rounding feature
  • ATM withdrawal fees are to be paid outside of-network

10. PayActiv

PayActiv is the last app we have.

PayActive users can see their earnings and hours worked. Murphy USA, NYC Taxi, and Pizza Hut are other examples.

  • Early access to wages
  • Employers pay no set-up or recurring fees
  • Provides financial advice and savings tools
  • The app looks a bit cluttered
  • could encourage users to spend more

The Best Dave Alternatives to Cash Advance

Dave, a financial assistance app, offers personal loans and small cash advances to help in times of need. This article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace professional advice.



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