What is a Cash Advance?

The Cash Advance offered by PaydayMint The Cashflow loan is a loan for short-term use to assist you when you need cash that needs to be accessed in a hurry. It could also be known as payday loans. They are perfect for situations of emergency or to pay for temporary cash shortages. We don’t recommend payday loans as a long-term alternative to finance.

Do I have the right to qualify to receive a Cash Advance?

Anyone who is in a state that is eligible or is 18 or more and has a stable source of income can apply for an PaydayMint Cash Advance (payday loan). You’ll need the following documents to be eligible:

  • A recent bank statement from an active checking account
  • Personal check you can get from your checking account
  • Recent evidence that you earn a steady amount (e.g. pay statement)
  • A valid photo ID is issued by the government.
  • Utility bills (in-store applications)
  • An email address that is valid (online applications)

    What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

    The amount you are able to get a loan is contingent upon your income as well as the maximum amounts that are allowed in your particular state.

    What can I do to repay the money I borrowed?

    Your loan repayment is due in full by the due date, which is clearly displayed on your loan paperwork. Cash payments are easy to pay. Simply go to any PaydayMint Store. Are you unable to make it to the location? There’s no problem. Based on the state you live in and the state of your account, we’ll deposit your check, or take the funds out of the checking account electronically. We’ll help you figure out the best way to work for you.

    Do I have to be able to sign the loan paperwork?

    Yes. If you apply online, you are required to electronically sign your loan paperwork. The signature you e-sign is legally obligatory.

    Do I have to read my contract?

    Yes. You should read and understand the terms of your loan contract. Be sure to be satisfied with the loan you’re taking. Our customer service representatives are available to provide assistance or if you have something in the contract that you don’t understand.

    What time will I need to wait to receive my deposit for my loan, once the loan is approved?

    The date we initiate funding is the date specified in the loan agreement. The time to fund will differ based on the bank, however, typically, it could be at least 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) to deposit the funds in your checking account. During the week, funding usually happens within a single business day.

    What happens if I am unable to provide the required documents for the application?

    If you do not possess the required documents to submit your application will be rejected immediately by the system. You are welcome to apply again via your user account after you have all the required documentation.

    What happens if the bank account information I have supplied is not correct?

    If the bank details you provide are not correct, loan funds will not be successfully transferred into your account. It is crucial that correct bank information is supplied when you apply. If you find after finding that there was an error in the bank information you provided on the application, your loan will be canceled within 3 to 5 days. In the mail, you will get to confirm that the loan was annulled. After you have received this email, you will be able to reapply.