Editorial Guidelines

Our authors and editors are experts in financial matters and are committed to providing you with all the necessary information to assist you in the financial path you’re on. Although we do offer the products of our partner companies, our advice is independent and the opinions we express remain our own and not the opinions of any of our partners.

All the content posted that appears on the PaydayMint blog was written by skilled financial and professional writers, verified for accuracy and then edited in conjunction with the readers in your mind.

We pledge to never forget:

  • Keep your best interests in your mind
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Best lender methodology

PaydayMint’s “best” lenders are evaluated by analyzing loan and lender data and points across a range of categories to determine those who are the “best companies” for refinancing student loans and private student loans. mortgage purchases, personal loans and refinancing mortgages.

We assess lenders keeping you, the customer in mind. We would like to help you make the right financial choices to suit your individual financial circumstance.

In addition to other categories We also look at the interest rates, repayment terms and fees, repayment options discounts, customer service accessibility and many more provided by lenders. We also take into consideration each business’s eligibility requirements, including whether their minimal credit score is made public and whether customers can apply for rates using the help of a soft credit check.