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PaydayMint provides residents of Texas with quick and easy installment cash loans. PaydayMint provides installment loans for both bad and good credit. All applicants with a valid checking account who are approved will receive funds within 24 hours. PaydayMint offers cashback bonuses to loan holders who pay their loans on time. Get an online installment loan by applying now.

How do I borrow cash from PaydayMints? | Installment Loans

Texas offers PaydayMints up to $2200. PaydayMints are not required to have excellent credit. PaydayMint amounts and approvals are affected by many factors, including past loan repayments and credit history.

Flexible Terms of Payment

PaydayMint offers an installment loan that is more affordable than a payday loan. You can choose how many monthly repayments you want to make to your loan. Texas residents can choose flexible terms, which can be extended for up to 12 months. Consider your financial ability and resources when deciding on payment terms.

Cashback Rewards

You can earn cashback rewards by paying your PaydayMint in Texas on time. If you repay your PaydayMint in Texas on time, you can save $10-50 for every $1000 you borrow.

How Much Will My Installment Loans Cost?

PaydayMint’s installment loan is a costly type of credit. These loans should not be used for unexpected or urgent expenses. Many factors can impact annual percentage rates (APRs). A lower rate will pay off faster. See an example repayment schedule for an PaydayMint.

Terms & Conditions for Texas

Essential Lending, Inc., also called PaydayMint, has not been licensed to lend in Texas. You may not get approved for a loan. Vital Lending Inc. (CSO/CAB) is a credit-service organization (CSO). We can assist you in getting a loan from your lender at a simple 10% annual interest rate. CSO fees will apply for this service.

The amount of money borrowed from the lender and the frequency with which you pay it will affect the cost of this fee. This fee can be paid either in one lump sum or as an upfront payment. You can save money by paying your loan early. Each repayment amount will be subject to a portion of the CSO fees.

Essential Lending charges $30 for each returned payment. More information can be found in the full terms or the privacy statement. The simple interest method is used to calculate rates.

The total lender interest plus the CSO fee will be included in the APR. The length of your loan may affect the APR. For more information about the APR, and other terms, refer to your loan agreement.

OCCC Consumer Credit Note

Essential Lending, Inc., also known under PaydayMint, has been registered in Texas as a Texas Credit Services Organization. It is also a licensed Credit Access Bureau as per Chapter 393 of the Texas Finance Code. The State of Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner has licensed and assessed this business.

A payday loan or auto title loan is not a long-term option. Payday loans or auto title loans can only be used for immediate cash requirements. Additional charges will be incurred for loans not fully paid.


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