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Apps that lend you an Installment loan quickly are becoming the next generation of brick-and-mortar credit unions and banks. These apps provide simplicity and convenience that traditional financial institutions cannot match.

All financial backgrounds are welcome to use these online and mobile lending services. There is no need to worry about whether your credit score will prevent you from getting the cash loan you need.

Access to most cases is possible within minutes from any location in the world. Websites and apps can be accessed 24/7, so you don’t need to be available during business hours.

Online Installment Loan Apps To Borrow Money

The best way to apply for loans is that multiple online lenders can be submitted simultaneously without affecting your credit score.

Lenders will then approach your business to offer loans. After completing the loan paperwork and being approved, you can receive your loan proceeds the next day. The process takes about one hour.

1. MoneyMutual

MoneyMutual is the market leader for short-term cash loans for people with bad credit. MoneyMutual offers many lenders to help with your credit needs. Each loan type has a competitive rate as well as a term. You can also get monthly payments.

You’ll get the best deals for financial needs if you partner with the largest network. There are more lenders in your local area than you might think, so you’re more likely to find someone who can help you.

2. offers a larger installment option that allows you to repay your debt slowly and at a pace that suits your budget. All lenders within the network are available to applicants with bad credit. In less than 24 hours, you can get the loan that you need.

The term of the loan and the lender that offered it will determine how long it takes to repay. You will not be eligible for a longer repayment term if your loan amount is less.

3. BillsHappen(r)

BillsHappen can help borrowers with credit scores up to 5K to get loans up to $5,000. These loans can be repaid in weeks or months, depending on the offer.

An installment loan is a loan that you repay in monthly installments. The total amount is not due until your next payday.

4. promises to help you find a lender that can meet your loan needs, even if you have poor credit.’s track record of success backs its claims. However, you won’t be offered a loan immediately after you submit your request.

Even if you are bankrupt, you can still get a loan offer. claims that it can often get loans for people who cannot apply at banks or credit unions. It takes less than five minutes to request a loan and won’t impact your credit score.

You can apply for a loan if you are eligible. Within 24 hours, you will receive funds in the account.

6. makes finding personal loans without collateral or upfront funds easy. This option allows you to repay your debt in monthly installments that fit within your budget.

Lenders may allow you to extend your loan for as long as 72 months (6 years). This will lower your monthly payments and make your loan less expensive.


Payday loans and cash advances should be used only as a last resort. The loans should be repaid in full within 15-30 days. Because of their high-interest rates, these loans are the most costly.

To approve your loan, payday loan lenders might not require you to have a credit history. A payday loan may be possible if you have sufficient income to repay the loan on time. Payday lenders will ask you to refund the entire amount once you get your next paycheck.

Installment Loan Money Apps – Cash Advance

Cash advances are a way to borrow a small amount to pay your next paycheck. Eligible applicants can apply for up to $500 to be able to receive their next paycheck.

These cash advance apps should not be confused with cash advance loans. Both have short repayment terms and small loan amounts. These apps do not have high-interest rates, and they only offer cash loans with short repayment terms.

8. Earnin

You can link your checking account to the Earnin App to receive fast direct deposits.

The service can be purchased at any price, and there are no tip options. For the first time, new users receive a minimum $100 advance. You can increase your limit to $500 later.

9. Possible

You can create an account and submit your loan request on the Potential mobile app in just minutes. Qualified applicants may borrow up to $500 immediately, with repayment due on their next paycheck.

Possibly doesn’t check FICO scores to determine eligibility. The lender will instead examine your employment history, pay schedule, and other factors to determine if you are eligible for a loan.

10. Dave

Millions of times, consumers who wish to open an account online or request cash advance loans have downloaded the Dave mobile app.

Direct deposit can get you your paychecks up to 2 days quicker than traditional paper checks. Cash advance loans up to $100 can be obtained at no extra cost.

11. Even

Even members claim to have saved over $100 million in interest, fees, and overdrafts using Instapay.

Employees can access their wages when cash is tight. Instapay is available to all members for free, but the company might charge fees for cash advances.

12. Brigit

To receive regular direct deposit paychecks, you can link your checking account with the Brigit app. You can also get cash advances up to $250.

This app will analyze your direct deposits to determine how much you have spent each month. This data can be used to calculate how much you could borrow before your next payday.

13. MoneyLion

MoneyLion offers more than just a payday loan application. It offers all-inclusive services such as mobile banking accounts, credit building loans, and investment options. It offers credit score tracking for its members.

There are no fees for the loan, but you might need to pay a fee if you have urgent funds. RoarMoney will send the funds in 12 to 48 hours. To receive your money in an external checking account, you will need to wait for 3 to 5 business days. You can instantly receive your money into a RoarMoney bank account for $3.99. Instant delivery to an external debit or checking card will incur a $4.99 fee

14. AllPay

DailyPay offers employees and businesses access to payday advances at no additional cost.

Your loan proceeds can be received via your debit card or external bank account. You can either receive your funds immediately or wait until the next day.

15. PayActiv

PayActiv allows millions to access their wages before payday every month through partnerships with employers across the U.S.

This service allows you to request payday loans, which will be paid back with your next paycheck. To be eligible for cash advance services, your employer must be a PayActiv Partner.

How do money-lending installment loan apps work?

Two sources of money are available that don’t require you to use credit unions or traditional banks. The amount of money available to you and your repayment schedule will determine the type of loan you choose.

You can borrow between $50 and $500 using these mobile apps. Then you pay the total amount when you get your next paycheck. You may be eligible to borrow money without any origination fees or interest charges. There may be an option in your app to tip you, which allows you to choose how much you will pay.

You can borrow large amounts of money through online lending networks. Some lending networks offer personal loans up to $10,000. These installment loans require monthly repayments.

The lender will use these qualifications to determine a variable rate of interest.

You can connect money lending apps to your bank account, where you will receive regular deposits. The app will analyze your payment history and determine the amount you have paid in the past. This information will help you determine if the money is available to you.

These apps allow you to borrow money in small amounts and then require an automatic repayment agreement once your next paycheck arrives.

Online loan applications are quick and easy. The personal loan app you choose will determine how long it takes to get your loan proceeds. Accessing emergency funds is easier with online banking accounts. Some apps allow you to send funds immediately for an additional fee.

MoneyLion can transfer your money to an external checking account in three to five days. You can instantly transfer your money to the RoarMoney app for $3.99 or $4.99

You can send loan requests online to all its lenders through the internet lending networks. Multiple lenders can be applied to without requiring you to make a credit check. This allows you to avoid credit damage.

These lenders have extensive experience lending to those with bad credit. You can get multiple loan offers within minutes of submitting an online loan request. Some lenders provide emergency loans up to $10,000.

Once you accept a loan offer from the network, it will direct you to the official lender’s website. The loan paperwork can be completed and funds sent to you in under a day. The lender you accept will determine your monthly payment, interest rate, and loan term. Some lenders may charge an application processing fee or a loan origination fee.

Online lending networks don’t charge fees. Referral fees are paid by the lender who closes your loan.

Online lending sites will not allow you to borrow less than $250. Online lending sites won’t let you borrow more than $250. This will enable you to choose the loan type that best suits your needs.

A personal loan app is a good option if you require a short-term loan for your next payday. An online lending network might be better if you need a larger loan with a more flexible repayment schedule.

Can I use a money installment loan apps?

The money lending app is available to anyone. To borrow money, you will need to create an account on each mobile app.

You will need your email, name, and address. Once your loan application has been approved, you will need to provide information about your bank account.

MoneyLion allows you to open an online account in certain circumstances. This will make it easier to transfer your borrowed funds faster.

Every mobile app has its own rules about who can borrow money. Different loans have different fees. Transferring borrowed money to other loans can take some time. The borrowed money could take up to five days to reach your credit union or external bank account.

For a small fee, instant transfers are possible. You can access your funds instantly by doing this.

Which apps can you use to get an instant installment loan?

The amount of money you need will determine how much. Your loan amount will be limited to $50-500 by the money lending app. You’ll have to repay it as soon as your next paycheck arrives.

MoneyMutual offers short-term loans up to $2,500 that allow you to repay the loan over time. These loans offer flexible terms and competitive interest rates. These loans also provide terms comparable to bank loans.


An online network of lenders, such as This network partners with lenders to provide loans up to $10,000. They will approve you quickly and send you a check within one day.

CashUSA and MoneyMutual offer unsecured loans without collateral. Your loan may be repayable over several years.

Through the money lending app, you will be granted a cash advance. This amount will be paid as one lump sum. This loan serves as a bridge between your next payday. This type of loan is helpful if you need to pay a small portion of your bills before payday.

Online lending networks are a great option for larger emergency loans.

What happens if you don’t pay back your earnings?

Earning money provides a cash advance. This secured loan can be used to secure your following paycheck in the unlikely event you cannot repay the loan.

If you accept the loan, Earnin will be able to withdraw the repayment amount from your next paycheck. Once your check is posted, the bank will debit your account immediately.

Earnin might charge you a fee if you don’t have enough funds to repay the amount.

You may have to pay overdraft fees to your savings or checking account. These fees may increase your total debt.

Installment Loan Apps, What Credit Score is Required?

You don’t need a minimum credit score to use an online loan network or money-lending app. Each lender has a different way of determining creditworthiness. One lender might accept your application, while another may decline it.

Send a loan request to a lending agency if you’re concerned about your credit score.

Each lender in the network will receive your loan request. Multiple lenders can be applied simultaneously. You can apply to multiple lenders simultaneously.

You can get multiple loan offers within minutes of submitting your loan request. Every loan offer will differ in terms of the loan term, monthly payments, and interest rate. Make sure you thoroughly read the offer before you make a decision on which one is best.

An online loan request submitted to an online lending platform won’t result in a hard inquiry of your credit report. This will not impact your credit score. This gives you the security you need to obtain an emergency loan.

What is the difference between personal loans and cash advances?

An installment loan allows you to repay your debt by making a series of monthly payments. Because the lender earns more interest on a longer-term loan, these loans have lower interest rates.

These loans are available for six months to six years. Your lender’s requirements and the amount that you borrow will determine the terms of your loan.

A short-term loan is also known as a cash loan or a payday loan. The loan lasts between 15 to 30 seconds. These loans often have higher interest rates than their loan amount.

Instead of repaying multiple loans, your cash advance loan can be repaid one time. Interest will be charged on interest-bearing loans.

Personal loans tend to be more costly than cash advance loans. Personal loans can have larger loan amounts. Cash advances can be used to get you to your next paycheck. Your borrowing power will likely be limited to $250. If you are eligible, a personal loan might be possible.

Installment Loan Apps: No Credit Check

Many lending apps will approve a small loan request with no credit check. These cash advances can be secured with your next payday.

Lenders won’t ask for credit checks. Instead, they will need access to your savings or checking account directly deposited by your employer or your benefits provider. Lenders will approve your application if you have sufficient income to repay the loan.

The lender will debit your bank account automatically with the amount owed once your next paycheck arrives. While this is a great way to avoid overdrafts, it can also cause financial problems if your next paycheck arrives later than usual. A cash lending app is easy and doesn’t require credit checks. However, it could also cause financial problems.

Personal loans do not have to be paid in full within a few weeks. You can instead repay the debt gradually over time. Your bad credit score may not prevent you from getting the loan you need, but it might affect the terms of your loan.

The Best Apps to Get Online Installment Loans

With apps that lend money, it may be possible to borrow small amounts of cash. If you don’t have enough money to pay your next paycheck, this may be an option. If you have an emergency, you may need to borrow several thousand dollars. An online lender network can connect you with lenders.

These loans are affordable and have monthly payments you can afford. These online lending platforms specialize in bad credit loans. These online lending platforms can help you get the money that you need and can also help you improve your credit score through responsible behavior.


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